A robust infrastructure that allows converting data into evidence

We prepare and pre-validate data, harmonising to a common data model with a low burden for hospitals.

Join once…

Legal manners and data collection are not part of the research. They can be done once and for all, giving back time and pace to the projects.


Our legal framework and governance agreement guarantee to review and accept pre-defined study protocols at once. Once new research opportunities are available, you only have to approve the participation order without reusing the legal negotiations, potentially saving up months of research time.


We prepare, validate and harmonize data to a common model, making it comparable and ready for Real World Evidence generation. We deliver ready-to-analyze Real World Data, resulting in a minimal burden for your hospital.

This way, you will not need to repeat data setup processes for every new project while hospitals remain owners of their data.

…benefit continuously

Join more meaningful research projects faster.



We propose a continuously evolving selection focal therapeutic areas. We connect ARWEN partners from the healthcare and life science worlds to answer key research questions and stimulate informed decision making.

We peer each study protocol with the suitable groups of healthcare providers, based on hospital profiles and therapeutic focus. This way, we make sure that the research answers questions meaningful to everyone involved.



ARWEN members will focus on research, while we will support them in answering their questions through data analytics.

We have 30+ years of experience with hospital data. Our scalable data models bring together patient pathway mapping, medicines uptake, clinical & patient outcomes, activity-based costs and more.



The research funds allocated for the project will be shared with the participating hospitals.

But there is more: In ARWEN studies, project outcomes are shared with all the members involved and not just with the study sponsor. This makes your participation in ARWEN more rewarding – both academically and financially.

What real-world data is supported?


The core datasets represent the backbone of every ARWEN analytics project. They allow to identify and structure the granular medical activities, care pathways, medicines prescriptions, clinical outcomes and more.

Claims and care activity data

This essential data sets includes patient-level granular data on the single activities performed to treat patients, such as operations, hospitalization time, diagnostics performed, consultations, etc.

Clustering and sequencing this activities allows, for instance, to generate real-world patient pathways

Prescription data

Pharmacy data provides detail on the types, dosage and volumes of drugs prescribed


Clinician-Reported Outcomes include different types of quality indicators, such as reoperation rates, complications, time to next treatment, etc.


These datasets are optional layers that can enhance the core ones. They can be utilized for specific study protocols and typically require advanced data models.


Patient Reported Outcomes refer to condition-specific indicators on the patient physical and mental status

Pathology & lab data

While the occurrence of specific pathology & lab tests is included in the care activity data, this datasets discloses details on the results of pathology exams, such as blood tests, urinalysis, molecular pathology and more

Other diagnostics data

While the occurrence of specific  diagnostics is included in the care activity data, this datasets gives clarity on the results of additional diagnostic exams, such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and more

Genomics data

DNA data can be crossed with other datasets to enable advanced insights on gene-based patient segmentation and support the discovery and development of precision therapy practices and medicines

At LOGEX, we are expert data handlers and analysists…

  • We have structured and routinized tools and practices for data extraction, linkage and validation
  • During the process of validation, data is thoroughly reviewed ensure its validity and prepare it for use
  • For all LOGEX client hospitals, they are already validated, structured and processed, allowing to limit effort and cut execution times

… continuously working to bring you more data sources.

  • We have experience across a wide range of data-sets, from clinical registries to patient-level financial data
  • Each study will be based on a set of core dataset and, on optional add-on datasets

Who owns the data in ARWEN

Data governance is really important for us: data will always belong to hospitals.

Your data is yours

You are not our product, and neither is your data.

We are data analysts, not data broker

Your data is safe

The privacy and security of your data always comes first.

We hold ourselves to the same standards as you do

Your data is valuable

How you unlock the value in your data, is your choice.

We work to turn data into value, in full transparency

Your data is vital

Your data holds the potential to fast-track crucial research.

We are proud to be a highly respected & trusted third party

How does the ARWEN data model work?

  • Differently from clinical trials, real-world data is not perfect and presents large variations across providers, regions and countries.
  • As ARWEN is committed to build a comparable European data network, robust data models and policies must be established.
  • Well-designed data specifications, a thorough validation process and smart algorithms utilized by ARWEN can turn the complexity of RWD into tangible insights.

Becoming a member of ARWEN takes only two months.