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ARWEN is the Actionable Real World Evidence Network, created by LOGEX to unlock the value of real-world data by connecting forward-thinking hospitals and clinicians and enabling benchmarking, collaboration, and simplifying the sharing of treatment insights across different healthcare systems.​

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ARWEN is a quickly expanding pan-European network for forward-thinking hospitals, healthcare professionals and clinicians who believe in making data-driven and evidence-based decisions when caring for patients.

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Interview Femke Oldenziel

Read interview: Femke Oldenziel – about her mission to unlock the value of real-world data through ARWEN.

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We launched projects in the UK: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Anaemia, NICE and in the Netherlands: Herpes Zoster, TTO. To sign up click the button below.

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New Report: ‘On the Horizon’ – providing actionable insights into upcoming innovative medicines and their costs:

We have the answer to your questions

“What are the clinical results in practice?” Physician
“What are patient outcomes in practice?” Chief Medical Officer
“What are the costs linked to the administration of drugs?” Chief Financial Officer
“How is a drug used in daily practice?” Pharmacist
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Actionable Real World Evidence Network

A platform that helps hospitals generate, share and use treatment insights to achieve better patient care.

We help hospitals by giving insights into the daily practice using data analysis​, enabling them to benchmark their clinical practice against others, ​allowing clinicians to learn from others by getting a view outside their hospital walls​ and empowering hospitals to identify improvement potential in the treatments they offer.

A standardised,
fit-for-purpose platform

We offer a platform to connect supply and demand of drug-related research questions on our network.


We simplify data extraction and validation, so hospitals can focus on caring for patients.

Unlocking the value of real-world data

We enable the use of real-world data that reflects the actual population treated to pinpoint improvement potential and best practices.

Enabling meaningful collaboration

We enable regulatory parties, insurance companies, life science companies, hospitals, and clinicians to collaborate on real-world evidence projects to improve care.

ARWEN ensures continuous control of your data

Your data is yours

You are not our product, and neither is your data. We are data analysts, not data brokers.

Your data is safe

The privacy and security of your data always come first. We hold ourselves to the same standards as you do.

Your data is valuable

How you unlock the value in your data, is your choice. We work to turn data into value, in full transparency.

Your data is vital

Your data holds the potential to fast-track vital real-world evidence. We are proud to be a highly respected and trusted 3rd party.

Our solutions

Drug use &
epidemiology analysis

Main Qs answered

How many and what types of patients are using a drug? How many are eligible?

Examples of typical projects

  • Epidemiology study
  • Patient group analysis and segmentation
  • (Medicine) treatment pattern analysis

Standard of care &
patient pathway analysis

Main Qs answered

How are patients treated in the hospitals? What are key improvement areas?

Examples of typical projects

  • Analysis of patient pathways
  • Treatment adherence to guidelines
  • Segmentation of patient groups by treatment modality
  • Identification of improvement areas

Drug impact analysis on outcomes & costs

Main Qs answered

What is / will be the impact of a drug on the hospital (pathway, costs, outcomes, etc.)?

Examples of typical projects

  • Impact of drugs on hospital costs, efficiency and patient outcomes
  • Horizon scanning (analysis of impact of upcoming drugs)
  • Drug effectiveness comparison

Frequently asked questions

What is the added value of being a member of ARWEN?

ARWEN makes your real-world data (RWD) more actionable: generating insights in a way that s fast, scalable and transparent. With ARWEN collecting, standardising and analysing RWD for treatment improvement projects is no longer a struggle.

What does actionable mean in ARWEN?

Actionable means you can act upon the insights we provide. They answer your questions about how to improve the care of your patients.

Timo Schöpke, MD, MBA, Director of Emergency Department, Klinikum Barnim, Germany
Julian Given, Planning and Performance Business Manager at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
Konstantinos Chiotis, Neurology resident and postdoctoral fellow, Karolinska Institutet
Doug Robertson, Associate Medical Director at Mid Cheshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

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