ARWEN: Empowering Healthcare Organisations with Real-World Evidence

We unlock the value of real-world data by connecting forward-thinking hospitals and clinicians to a network that enables benchmarking, promotes collaboration and facilitates the sharing of treatment insights across different healthcare systems.

Benefits for sponsors

ARWEN provides sponsors with the latest treatment insights to enable more timely and better decision-making.

It achieves that by offering actionable insights into hospital data about:

  • The uptake of a specific drug
  • The use of a specific drug in patient pathways
  • The effectiveness of a specific drug in a standardised manner.

ARWEN empowers governmental organisations to make insights-driven policy decisions that lead to optimisation of the balance between quality and cost of care.

We help you by:

  • Enabling the use of real-world data that reflect the actual population treated, in order to assess the effectiveness and safety of (new) treatments
  • Facilitating the use of treatment insights to enable timely decision-making for improving guidelines

What can ARWEN do for specific conditions?

It is of great added value to understand how effective a new drug is in different types of use cases. Real-world data is a requirement to reach reliable insights around drug uptake and drug effectiveness. For a condition like breast cancer, we offer a wide variety of insights, including:

Drug use & epidemiology analysis

Standard of care & patient pathway analysis

Therapy impact analysis on outcomes & costs

We help stakeholders gain awareness of the current standard of care and drug use. We can provide our sponsors with precise insights into patient pathways for specific conditions, as well as epidemiology analyses. We can support sponsors better understand the impact of certain therapies, both on outcomes and on costs.

Other real-world evidence projects we run include market sizing and budget impact analyses in the drug discovery phase, identification of target cohorts and trial optimisation in the compound R&D phase, value demonstration, and KOL relations in the regulatory approval phase.

Solutions for specific conditions

Drug use &
epidemiology analysis

Questions answered

How many and what types of patients are using a drug? How many are eligible?

How many patients would be eligible for a certain drug?

How does that differ between countries?

Standard of care &
patient pathway analysis

Questions answered

How and where in the patient pathway is a certain drug used?

By which patient (sub)groups?

At which dose levels?

Drug impact analysis on outcomes & costs

Questions answered

What is the budget impact of a (new) drug?

What is the impact of a (new) drug on patient outcomes?

How can we combine the questions into a study?

With ARWEN, it is possible to run treatment improvement projects that are, by design, completely compliant with all legal requirements around ethics, data security, and privacy.


Legal basis

GDPR art. 9.2(h) – Projects designed to improve “the management of health or social care systems and serviced”


GDPR qualification

The ARWEN hospital is the controller and LOGEX is the data processor


Requirements & ethical approval

Individual added value for the hospitals should be clear; No ethical approval is necessary for this type of projects



Hospitals remain owners of their data at any time; Only aggregated, anonymous population data may be provided to 3rd parties; Local rules on cross-border data transfers will be tightly adhered to by LOGEX

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make informed decisions that lead to optimised patient care. Contact us today to learn more about how ARWEN can empower your organisation.

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